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6 Makeup Tricks that will Make your Day

6 Makeup Tricks that will Make your Day

Do wish you could improve your makeup application look and techniques? Read on for some quick and easy tips that will have you look your best…naturally.

1. The right blush for your face shape

The first step in applying blush that is most flattering is to determine your face shape. Blush is essential to any makeup routine as it not only illuminates your face but it also contours and defines your cheek bones. Correct application of blush is key as it can accentuate your best features and also soften those that you may think are too prominent.

2Eye Highlights

If you want to go for a natural eye makeup look, then the placement of highlights is very important. Apply lighter colours (white/cream/pearl) to the inner corners, the middle of the eye, and just under your brow bone. These should be applied first, and then move on to your darker shades.

3. Ready? Lips Go!

A cool DIY tip to get your lips lipstick ready is to exfoliate them by using a baby toothbrush, which will get rid of flakey, dry skin that can be accentuated by lipstick. Make an easy homemade lip exfoliate with brown sugar, honey and coconut oil. Another option, which is easier but not as effective, is to apply lip balm before scrubbing. Apply your favourite lipstick shade and you're ready to go!

4. Make Eyes Appear Bigger

If you don’t already own a nude pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick! Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner, use a nude pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye.

5. Make Eyeshadows Pop

Looking for a way to make your dull eyeshadow pop? Use a white eyeliner and cover your entire eyelid first before applying your favourite colour.

6. The Perfect Match

Have you ever bought a foundation, which you thought was the perfect match? Only to realize that it leaves you with a mixed-matched face and neck or worse looking like a cadaver! Seeing that your neck isn’t exposed to the sun as much as your face, it is much better for matching your true colour.

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